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    Is the Bible Inspired? Part 1

  • in Apologetics

    Scientific and Philosophical evidence for God’s existence – Episode 001 – CCFinRL

  • in Family, Marriage

    Top 5 Reasons Christian Relationships fail

    Let me just say, relationships are hard these days whether you’re Christian or not. But one would think that being a Christian would eliminate most of the problems we normally face in relationships right? WRONG! Here are the Top 5 Reasons Christian Relationships Fail: Unrealistic Expectations Because you met them in church, they’re a ministry leade...
  • in Church Planting, Spiritual Growth

    5 Reasons to attend church

    There is a disturbing trend I am noticing in churches. Maybe it is more in larger, contemporary churches than smaller, traditional churches. But since the majority of all churchgoers now attend larger churches this is of real concern. The trend is the decline in percentage attendance. In other words there are less people attending each...
  • in Leadership, Spiritual Growth

    5 Reasons Christian Accountability Fails

    Accountability groups and partners are not magic pills. While accountability plays a crucial role in personal growth and holiness, there are many accountability pitfalls. Here are five ways accountability often goes bad: Problem #1. When accountability partners are absent Accountability relationships need to be fostered through time together. It is...
  • in Family, Marriage

    4 Ways to better communicate with your Spouse

    Four-step solution to the clam/crowbar predicament: Have three thirty-minute couple talk times each week. The man is responsible for scheduling these times and putting them on the calendar. Create a place in your home that is private, quiet, and comfortable with no distractions to talk—virtually all of your intimacy will occur during this time. The...