Leadership from the Cross


  • 052 Managing Relationships verses Goal Directing
    052 Managing Relationships verses Goal Directing Ministry is not what you probably thought. Leadership From The Cross is dedicated to ministry training hosted by Pastor Scott Thom of Cross Christian… Read more »
  • 051 Executing Your Plan
    Planning is what is a necessity for leaders, but so is seeing the plan come to completion. This can often be a struggle, but it can be made easier. Pastor… Read more »
  • 050 How to Successfully Achieve Your Plan
    As a leader you most likely have not gone into your field blind. You probably have a plan or several plans, but do you know how to implement them? Pastor… Read more »
  • 049 A Servant's Creed
    Great leaders live by a creed that they learn and then follow. It models how they live, work and interact with others. It would be similar to those of old.… Read more »
  • 048 Worship 101
    There are so many different ministries that you can be a leader of. One in particular is going to gain our attention today as it has been in the spotlight… Read more »
  • 047 Seven Things Successful Leaders Ignore
    In the role of leadership there will be many things that draw on your attention and time. Not all things are worthy of the same amount of attention and time.… Read more »
  • 046 Ten Causes of Ministry Conflict
    Pastor Scott Thom has 10 things that as a leader, you should be vigilant to perceive in those who are following you in ministry. They are pitfalls that could ensnare… Read more »
  • 045 Passing on Your Values
    To continue as a strong leader you need strong people around you. You are not always blessed with those people when you first start or when you have been going… Read more »
  • 044 Special Guest: Jason David
    It is time for another special guest. Pastor Scott Thom has brought on another pastor that has completed the Shepherd School and has gone out to start his own church.… Read more »
  • 043 Five Characteristics of a Bad Leader
    As you are on our way to becoming a better leader you will most likely come across a number of bad leaders along the way. When you find them you… Read more »
  • 042 People and Priorities
    As you grow in leadership and become more successful things need to continue to change. Specifically how you manage your most valuable assets, time and people. You cannot do everything… Read more »
  • 041 Ten Ways to Spot a Church Bully
    Bullying has been a big topic in the media for some time now. It has plagued our schools and our places of business for a while, but you don't often… Read more »
  • 040 Special Guest: Marc McSweeny
    Pastor Scott Thom is back with another Special Guest for us today. Pastor Marc McSweeny will be joining us all the way from Frankfurt, Germany. He shares some of his… Read more »
  • 039 What to do When You Have Made a Bad Decision
    With so many decisions to be made as the leader, there is a high chance that one of the decisions you will make will end up being a bad one.… Read more »
  • 038 Discipleship ABC's
    Since we all have been called to the Great Commission by Jesus Christ, whether you think yourself a leader or not, when you follow the commands given you are to… Read more »
  • 037 How to Handle Difficult Conversations
    When you are in leadership, there is bound to be times when you need to sit down with your staff, employees, volunteers or even congregational members and discuss some difficult… Read more »
  • 036 Counting the Cost of Your Vision
    When you have a big dream, goal or vision it is not easily achieved and it is never free. In fact it can be quite costly, but don't let that… Read more »
  • 035 All Great Leaders Did Not Start Great
    How many times have you heard that the best leaders are born? Most likely way to often. The greatest leaders don't always have all the most choice tools or the an… Read more »
  • 034 Working the Vision
    Visions and plans do not get accomplished by themselves. If you have a grand destination before you, it will be necessary to enact a strategy to accomplish it. Pastor Scott… Read more »
  • 033 Those That Achieve Biblical Success
    Have you ever wondered why some leaders achieve more than others? Have you stopped and looked at how they achieve so much? Pastor Scott Thom has and he has compiled a… Read more »
  • 032 Leading by Relating
    The best leaders know that it takes more than just directing people to be the best leaders that they can be. To be the best potential leader possible you will… Read more »
  • 031 Discerning Doctrine Example To Sabbath or Not
    To follow up on last week's episode Pastor Scott Thom has a study that examples the tools he taught us about. Listen in as he pulls out solid doctrine from… Read more »
  • 030 Discerning Doctrine
    Have you ever wondered what makes a doctrine a proper doctrine? It takes some discernment, but it isn't impossible. There is a method to it and clear steps to be able… Read more »
  • 029 Things Highly Successful People Do
    There are many keys to success and they vary from position to position, but there are ways to help attain those goals that are the same throughout. Pastor Scott Thom… Read more »
  • 028 Special Guest: Mark Grothe
    Pastor Scott Thom has another Pastor for you all today. Pastor Mark Grothe is one of Cross Christian Fellowship's church plants of Cross Christian Fellowship Route 66 located in Albuquerque,… Read more »
  • 027 Three Words Leaders Should Avoid Using
    There are words that leaders use that can cause quite a bit of frustration, confusion and hindrance to your followers, employees or family. These words should be avoided and Pastor… Read more »
  • 026 Special Guest: Rick Sena
    Pastor Scott Thom brings another Pastor on from the Shepherd School program to give you some great insights on being a leader and some interesting stories. Listen in as Pastor… Read more »
  • 025 The Power Ever Leader Has, But Few Use
    Leaders already possess this ability, but very few leaders chose to use it. Don't cause those who are following after you to suffer from lack of use of this ability, rather… Read more »
  • 024 Special Guest: Jim Stewart
    Pastor Scott Thom brings in another Pastor whom he has had a hand in training to the hot seat for your benefit. Pastor Jim Stewart has some great insights for… Read more »
  • 023 What is the Disconnect in Churches
    Even with all the on demand information that we have at our fingertips today our churches seem to have a disconnect. More information, studies and apologetics are readily available to… Read more »
  • 022 Special Guest: Mario Medrano
    Pastor Scott Thom has another great interview with a former student of his who has gone out and planted a church. They have a great discussion with some new insights… Read more »
  • 021 What God Wants To Do With Your Greatest Asset
    Everyone has assets, but what you do with them determines the outcome of your future. A leader must know how to use them to the fullest, but even more a… Read more »
  • 020 Special Guest: Corry Pensabene
    Continuing with another interview, Pastor Scott Thom gives a bit of an inside look into another Pastor and graduate of the Shepherd School Corry Pensabene. Sit back, relax and enjoy… Read more »
  • 019 What Most Say They Value But Do Not
    Leaders must be able to view themselves critically. They need to know their strength and weaknesses, but more so then that, they need to be able to value themselves in… Read more »
  • 018 What Many Leaders Lack but Great Ones Have
    There are many levels in leadership and you don't have to be locked to the lowest one. In this episode Pastor Scott Thom discusses several things that most leaders lack… Read more »
  • 017 Special Guest: Dave Pierce
    On this episode Pastor Scott Thom sits down with Pastor Dave Pierce from Calvary Chapel Fort Collins to discuss what is encompassed in planting a church. You will hear about… Read more »
  • 016 Teachability
    As a leader you are going to be looking for followers as well as followers finding you. You need to know which ones to put the most effort into. The… Read more »
  • 015 Special Guest: Chris Torres
    On this episode Pastor Scott breaks from normal fashion to interview Pastor Chris Torres and discuss his life change, experience in the Shepherd School and the beginning of his Pastoral… Read more »
  • 014 Teaching as a Priority
      In leadership teaching is a necessity, but very often it is not utilized enough. In this episode Pastor Scott Thom unpacks the reasons that Teaching should be a priority… Read more »
  • 013 Dealing With Doubt
    As a leader you will come across times in your life when doubt creeps and begins to get the best of you. You do not have to let it overcome… Read more »
  • 012 Myths of Leadership
    If you have been in leadership for any amount of time you will probably come across some tall tales about how leadership is supposed to work. On this episode Pastor… Read more »
  • 011 Depression & Discouragement
    Having the lead role can be a lonely place. That loneliness can lead to depression and discouragement. You don't have to go through it without a plan or help. Pastor… Read more »
  • 010 Blossoming Relationships
    The leaders that succeed the most are the ones who are able to make those around them better. Blossoming relationships is your responsibility to those around you. If you want… Read more »
  • 009 Follow Me As I Follow Christ Part 2
    If you want to be the head, you must first be a servant. In this second session Pastor Scott Thom continues to explain how being a great leader in life… Read more »
  • 008 Follow Me As I Follow Christ Part 1
    If we are honest with ourselves we all would desire to be the top dog, but that position comes with quite a lot of responsibility. Before we can jump into… Read more »
  • 007 Better before bigger
    We always want fast and bigger but what is needed first is better otherwise our foundation will not sustain the change. Pastor Scott Thom gives you step by step methods… Read more »
  • 006 Core Values (Without them you fail)
    Values are different than Goals. Core values help achieve goals without compromising your methods. Where God guides God provides Replicate yourself Nurture people’s spiritual gifts and natural talents to prosper… Read more »
  • 005 Three Secrets of Successful Leadership Training as a Follower
    Be a dynamic leader not a static leader. You can learn from the best and worst leaders. Find out about Alignment verse Agreement. A good leader finds alignment when there… Read more »
  • 004 How to acquire, develop and cast your Vision
    A leader must have vision from his calling. Vision rarely comes from board meetings and committee meetings  A leader has a God given burden, a vision to see change. What… Read more »
  • 003 Red or Green? Finding God's will.
    Red or Green? No we are not talking chili but maybe that’s not a bad thing. How does a Christian discern God’s will? How do you determine God’s will other… Read more »