Local Attendance

Be Personally Mentored by Pastor Scott Thom and Staff

Men, if you are in the local Albuquerque area you can apply for the Shepherd School and be mentored by Pastor Scott and the staff at Cross Christian Fellowship Bible College.  There is an interview process after we receive your application. The classes are one night a week.  All other course work will be done online.

You will have to fill out our application.  This is only for men and only if you desire to attend classes at CCFBC in person.

Otherwise anyone can register online right now without the application process.


For local attendance only “Right Click” to download your application HERE.

  • Please apply before the next Class Session which starts August 2018
  • Only 50 Students will be accepted.  The rest will be on a waiting list for the next local Class Session in 2018.
  • You can register and attend online at any time. There are no limited to the number of students.