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The awesome power of discipleship

Hi, this is Pastor Scott Thom
I have been mentoring people for ministry for 30 years.
I help people find their calling and equip them for dynamic ministry leadership from lay leaders to church planters.

Let me start out by saying, “I know how you feel.”

You are passionate about Jesus and want to be used effectively by Him.  You dream of serving God and possibly teaching the Bible. Maybe you want to help a church plant or even pastor on a church staff.

However, something is slowing you or is completely stopping you from serving in ministry.  You might be feeling unqualified or afraid of disqualification.  How can I serve if I don’t have my life together?  I don’t want to lead others when I don’t have the answers or I fear I cannot model it for them.  I know I am never going to be perfect but I need to be better.  I know I won’t have all the answers but I wish I was able to teach with confidence. I felt the same way.

You cannot let fear of failure and inexperience stop you from God’s calling in your life.  Really the only true failure is in not trying.  We don’t want to stand before God and know that we did not complete what God had called us to do.  However, you don’t want to minister and not be sure of your doctrine.  I have a solution for you so please read on.

My journey and solution

When I first got saved many years ago, I was just like you.  I was passionate about serving and teaching.  I did not know where to start or what to do. I did my best but it was not enough.  I went to church often and listened to teaching cassette tapes. You youngsters may have to Google cassettes. I went to Bible College and Pastoral School and a Master’s Program but when I finally got into ministry I still felt overwhelmed and inadequate.

They did not prepare me for the spiritual warfare, crazy counseling questions or even how to do a funeral.  I could parse the three parts of Isaiah but I still struggled with sinful thoughts and habits.  I was a little discouraged about just how ministry happened in the real world.  I had one bright spot because a pastor on staff mentored me when I went to him but I still felt alone.

When I got an opportunity to teach and mentor people for ministry things began to change.  I searched for the answers to my difficulties and taught the students in a practical way.  I was teaching what I really needed when I first started in ministry.  I have done this for thirty years now and I can honestly say I feel excited about training people for ministry in a way that overcomes our deepest fears and causes the greatest success.


I have I done it, have I taught others, and I can teach you. I wish when I was first starting I had my old self to teach these things to my younger self. I cannot turn back time for me but I can accelerate your learning curve.  Here are a couple of testimonies from former students.

Derrick Garcia, Church planting team member
“If you have been called to ministry either as a lay leader or a full time pastor and are not sure where to start, then CCF Bible College Shepherd School is for you! I was able to develop the confidence and skill I needed to take on the responsibilities that I now have and the best part is that I now have an incredible support system with the Shepherd School leaders for when those difficult times come!”

Tracy Burns, Ministry Leader
I knew I was being called into ministry but I didn’t really have a clue where to start. CCF Bible College Shepherd school not only equipped me with solid theology and skills in defending the faith, and the basics of ministry leadership but it also instilled in me the importance of character, dedication and helped me to understand the need for vision. Along with the anointing of the Holy Spirit, these learnings have laid the foundation from which I now lead ministries in my Church and will continue to grow and be used as I teach from the pulpit and the classroom.

You can have a testimony like this someday very soon if you put your mind to it.

Help for you

This college is not like any other college.  You will not have endless books to read and nights full of mind numbing cramming sessions.  You will have several books to read but they will be helpful, not busy work.  There are no formal tests because there are no grades in the traditional sense.  The only tests you take are to help you learn move forward.  The grade is are you growing in faith, virtue and service.

We will train you in but not limited to theology, ethics, counseling, Bible study, teaching, prophecy, practical ministry and especially in character.  We have amassed the best teachers, professors and pastors in their field of expertise.  You will have access to hundreds of teaching lessons and thousands of videos from world class leaders.

We offer the ability to connect with others who are just like you and want to help you succeed.  You will need that encouragement because it will be work.  You can go at your own pace but if you follow our tract you will receive the equivalent of three and a half years of seminary in just two years.  At the end you will receive certification from us.

I promise that you will feel equipped, confident and assured you are accomplishing something positive for God even before you complete this course.

The next steps

We have labored to make this college program accessible and workable for the greatest number of people.  When I went to Bible College my college classes were anywhere from $700 to $1000 per class not including entrance fee and books.  Most seminaries will cost you around $18,000 per year.

Because our online college is just getting off the ground we are offering heavy discounts.  This cost will go up as we add students.


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