Place links or Creatives in your social media posts

Many people, organizations and ministries have social media accounts.  Letting people know about the on Facebook, Snap Chat, Twitter etc. is a great way to recruit new students.  In general, this is a fantastic way to build a connection with others and to get out information about your vision.  If you don’t have any social media accounts then you might consider starting some. Encourage your Affiliate Partners to use their social media accounts to promote

You can post your vision or a testimonial about the college.  In the text you can insert a hyperlink or a box picture that links to the affiliate’s site.

You can mention how the college has teamed up with the Affiliate Partner’s ministry to help them reach your goals.  Include links about every 20 posts or so.  Don’t overdo it.   Then email a link to your social media post to those interested in you or your ministry.  Mention the posts in your podcast, blog, or anytime you speak to people.

You are allowed to advertise on Facebook

Here is training on Facebook advertising


Please do not spam the account of others or in groups or bulletin boards.  That is cause for dismissal as an Affiliate of


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