Responsibilities of Recruiters

Recruiters are responsible for finding, recruiting and training Affiliate Marketers of influence.  Many colleges and universities have recruiters employed to recruit new students to the school. We too utilize recruiters but we are doing it slightly different.  We want a small number of recruiters finding organizations or people who have credible influence with people.  We hope to have many people, ministries, para-church ministries, Christian bands, radio stations etc. helping us find ministry minded people who want to receive exceptional instruction at a very low cost. We call these people or organizations Affiliate Partners.  The recruiters find and help manage the partners so they can get the opportunity out to as many potential students as possible.

Recruiters are directly under and will interact with staff.  The Affiliate Marketers however are directly under the Recruiters.  Recruiters are there to answers questions for the Affiliates and check in with them to make sure they are doing all they can to reach people. Recruiters need to become experts in affiliate marketing.

Join us in changing the world

Cross Christian Fellowship has a goal to plant 100 new churches in the next twenty years.  To do this we need approximately 4,000 to 5,000 students in  We hope to reach our student enrollment goal in five years.  That will take us getting 90 students registering each month.  In the simplest example, think about if we have 5 to 10 recruiters overseeing 100 affiliate marketers who can bring in just 1 student a month then we can hit our goal.



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