Place links or Creatives in your blog posts

Many people, organizations and ministries have a blog.  This is a great way to build a connection with others and to get out information about your vision.  If you don’t have a blog then you might consider starting one and having your Affiliate Partner starting on also.

You can write a story or post about a youth trip in your church.  In the text you can insert a hyperlink or a box picture that links to our site.

One great idea is to write about how CCFcollege helps your staff or has helped you (testimonial). You can mention how the college has teamed up with your ministry to help you reach your goals.  Include links at the bottom of every post.  Then email a link to your blog post to those interested in you or your ministry.  Mention the blog post in your podcast or anytime you speak to people. People will come to the blog post for content and may find they are interested in Bible College too.

Use the HTML links or Text links from the Marketing Materials area in the Affiliate Management area.

Also, make sure you share with your audience that this link will help you.  It is a must that people know you will be compensated if they enroll.  Let them know it does not cost them any more because you are helped.


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